Hawks Hockey Includes Everyone Pledge


In the Fall of 2022, The Halifax Hawks Minor Hockey Association launched the “Hawks’ Hockey Includes Everyone Pledge”. The Association, alongside community and supported directly by Kendrick Douglas (Hockey Nova Scotia Diversity & Inclusion Task Force member and practising lawyer with the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission) the HHMHA launched the pledge designed to help change the culture of hockey - starting with our Association.

The Hawks wanted to make sure our pledge was accessible and could easily be understood by all players, coaches, staff and parents, therefore as decision to create two pledges, based on age divisions, was made. The U7 & U9  and the U11 - U23 Hawks Hockey Includes Everyone Pledges use language, tone and content that is age appropriate and we know all members can live up to.

Read both pledges here: Hockey Includes Everyone Pledge

Above: The U13 AAA team was the first team to sign the Hawks Hockey Includes Everyone Pledge for 2022/2023 season.

Instituting the Pledge.

·         After team selections, whether competitive or recreation streams, every HHMHA team is provided a printed copy of the pledge to review together (out loud). This exercise is led by team staff or an invited board member and is designed to invite questions/discussion and ensure understanding of the pledge and its commitments.

·         All team members, coaches and team staff will individually sign the pledge and any player or coach not willing to sign the pledge will be required to meet with the VP, Community & Diversity (or Executive VP) to discuss rationale, before being permitted to continue to practice/play with the Association. The Association reserves sole discretion to adjust the registration of the player based on the conversation.

Hawks U13 B (Red) team committing to the pledge